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first off,no im not referring to Josh Van Winkles '"spank tank"

anyways.im pretty bored and thought hey why not tell 3 of my favorite people just HOW bored i am.truth is im not really bored but im just complaining and venting built up boredom.
not much new in the life of yours truly.
moving home in about 5 days.setting out on the great American road trip.even though its not that great.sitting in a cramped
Last night=amazing
a couple week ago or so while grocery shopping at the local Giant,or as west coast would be familiar Albertsons,i met a girl who goes by the name of Natalie.we exchanged myspaces blah blah blah,a couple days ago she invited me to hang out with her and her brother and a couple of their friends and go to the movie.we never went to the movies but last night we all did hang out.we went to the diner where scott,her brother,works and waited for his girlfriend to get off work in near freezing temperatures.we then went to another diner that stays open all night.we all atte and talked about world problems and played the alphabet game and the whit if game.all in all id say probably the best night ive had here in pennsylvania.
im glad to finally have a legit reason to leave the house AND some semblance of a social life here in good ol' PA

Pennsylvania made me sick

so i've got more than a feeling that im going to Boston this weekend. maybe do some sightseeing, a wedding on a boat in the harbor.the usual you know.got a sweet pair of penny loafers too.
great video.beautiful song. but anyways.im writing in this thing again and updating you to my shenanigans. those would be absolutely nothing.basically i wake up go to school space out for 7 hours go back to the house eat maybe watch tv or get on the computer and then go to sleep.all the best stuff.and i throw in some reading and lots of listening to music and study buddhism.its pretty good but i cant wait to get out of pennsylvania.its making me SICK.and yes that is a lame reference to the commander venus song(caitlyn) any detailed questions regarding my day feel free to ask because i cant really just throw out every detail so if you want to know something specific then im down homiesss
i never really now what to say on here or how.ive never really been that good at expressing myself and feelings to others with the exception of my sister Caitlyn and, if me and DJ get some alone times,him.i don't know why i wouldn't be able to to my brother because hes a guy and stuff.but oh well.I've asked a couple people(Caitlyn,Kaylin) what to write on here and they have both said something like "write about you day and/or you feelings" but the problem with that is that i don't have anything to write about my day because i don't do anything other than sit around and read or sometimes watch tv but mostly i sit around and listen to music like Portugal.The man or Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground and try to figure myself out like what exactly my beliefs are and why or what i wanna do with my life and in that i receive an honest solution to all of my problems like why the fuck i'm in Pennsylvania or why i don't get girlfriends and why i'm so nerdy or why i still play video games.There are plenty of problems and plenty of solutions,most of which i have found help in the religion Buddhism,or more correctly the science of the mind.Really quite beautiful Buddhism is but i won't go into that.I "just do as i do,yea i do as please,and that's all i can do" in the words of John Gourley. That's all i really got i say for right now.

P.S. I love you all